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Marc Fomby

Pace Cooke Emmons joins Bill Smith and the Dog on The Morning Show and promotes Blame it on the Alcohol – The Message in the Media, a parenting seminar sponsored Weems Community Mental Health Center. Speaking at the event is Marc Fomby. Click the link below to listen.

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Charlie Kent

In a surprise announcement at the Meridian Public School District’s Central Office, Board of Trustees Vice-president Don Evans said District Superintendent Charlie Kent was fired. Evans said an emergency Board of Trustees meeting was called last night to evaluate Kent’s performance since Kent took over the position in July 2008. When contacted by phone, Kent had no comment.

Read the story by Brian Livingston in The Meridian Star here.

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Peavey Named to Best in Show

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Music retail experts at the 2010 Winter NAMM convention have honored Peavey Electronics with the “NAMM Best In Show – Company to Watch” award.

Convened at the International Music Products Association’s 2010 winter expo, held January 14-17 in Anaheim, Calif., the panelists at NAMM University’s Best In Show offered their views on the industry’s best companies, products and services.

Mike Guillot, director of purchasing for Mississippi Music, a four-store retail chain based in Hattiesburg, Miss., named Peavey Electronics his top “Company to Watch” for its long-standing commitment to advancing the state of the art while providing dealers with highly saleable products.

“For Mississippi Music and a lot of other dealers out there, we consistently have Peavey in our top five companies,” said Guillot during the Best In Show presentation on January 17. “The Peavey IPR power amplifiers are super-light, high-tech and low-priced, and now there’s the new Impulse® 12D, a powered speaker that incorporates the IPR amplifier system. You’ve got to hear it.”

Peavey Electronics Corporation founder and CEO Hartley Peavey said, “For 45 years, we’ve worked hard to design products that enhance the creative process and the audio experience. We have concentrated our energies on developing new technologies to give dealers a full range of compelling, unique music and sound products. Mississippi Music is a longtime retail partner of ours, and we’re excited to have their endorsement of our innovative new product lines.”

Guillot also praised the Peavey Vypyr® Series, which dramatically redefines the power and scope of modern guitar amplification with highly detailed, accurate modeling based on 32-bit digital signal processing, patented analog TransTube® technology, and real tubes. The Vypyr Series has won prestigious awards for its tone and technology, including Product of the Year and Instrument Amp of the Year from the Music & Sound Retailer; the Gold Award for Overall Value from Guitar World; and Amp Line of the Year two years in a row from Musical Merchandise Review.

The groundbreaking Peavey IPR Series professional power amplifiers utilize an advanced design with a switch-mode power supply and a high-speed class D topology to dramatically reduce weight while increasing reliability, efficiency and power. The IPR 1600 won the Best New Power Amplifier award in the 2010 Music & Sound Awards, presented by the Music & Sound Retailer.

Peavey Electronics debuted more than 20 new products to an international audience of 87,569 music retailers, media and musicians at the Winter NAMM 2010 convention, including new the Impulse 12D powered enclosure, Nano Vypyr portable modeling guitar amp, new PXD Series guitars and basses, the 6534 Plus guitar amp, and many more. Please visit for a full recap of the products and personalities at the Peavey exhibit during the convention.

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addiction2009 has already gone down in history as a hard year for businesses. What some may not realize is that the economy has been just as hard on non-profits. In Meridian, Best of Both Worlds, a non-profit addiction recovery center for women, is struggling to make ends meet. The center accepts patients whether or not they can pay, and over the past year they have had too many patients who can’t.

Read the article by Jennifer Jacob Brown in The Meridian Star here.

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The two day congressional delegation tour begins today, Friday, January 8th, where Harper will participate in a patient offload procedure prior to the group’s departure for Mississippi on a C-17 Globemaster III. The group will spend Saturday touring Mississippi’s two Air National Guard bases.

Rep Greg Harper

Rep Greg Harper


“Both Air National Guard bases in Mississippi play a significant role in response to hurricanes and other disasters at home in addition to the ongoing conflicts abroad,” said Congressman Gregg Harper. “The Mississippi National Guardsmen’s commitment to community and the nation is unmatched and is recognized all over the world. I look forward to accompanying Air National Guard and Air Force senior leadership in Mississippi.”    

 Jackson, Mississippi – Saturday, January 9

 8:30 a.m. – 172nd Airlift Wing Unit Visit led by Col. William Hill

        141 Military Drive, Jackson, Mississippi 39232

Meridian, Mississippi – Saturday, January 9

 11:00 a.m. – 186th Air Refueling Wing Visit led by Col. Franklin Chalk

        6225 M. Street, Meridian, Mississippi 39397

1:30 p.m. – 186th Air Refueling Wing Town Hall Meeting for Troops with Lt. Gen. Harry M. Wyatt III and Lt. Gen. Loren M. Reno

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memaMEMA and state agencies are prepared for the winter weather moving into our state this morning.  Wednesday Governor Haley Barbour issued a state of emergency in advance of this wintery blast.

The current National Weather Service forecast calls for rain, sleet and snow with sub freezing temperatures moving into much of the state by this afternoon. Temperatures are forecast to remain below freezing through the weekend for much of the state.

The following is a list of actions and preparations being made by state agencies:

MEMA: Keeping in close contact with local emergency managers and state agencies to provide resources if necessary. For updates follow us on Facebook and twitter using MSEMA.

MS Dept. of Education: School closing can be found on the Mississippi Department of Education’s Web site at

MS Dept. of Transportation: MDOT crews are reporting ice roads and bridges in Alcorn, Benton, Bolivar, Calhoun, Coahoma, Desoto, Lee, Marshall, Panola, Pontotoc, Prentiss, Quitman, Sunflower, Tallahatchie, Tate, Tippah, Tishomingo, Tunica, Union and Yalobusha counties.  MDOT crews are working to clear these roadways of ice.  All roads and bridges have been reported as passable.

MS State Dept. of Health: MSDH Emergency Response Coordinators across the state are continually checking on healthcare facilities licensed by MSDH to ensure they are prepared for impending winter weather and that they are able to continue all standard operations. The MSDH Bureau of Emergency Medical Services continues to remind State EMS of the immediate response necessary to residents exposed to extreme weather. More information on staying safe and healthy during severe winter weather is available on  

MS Institutions of Higher Learning: Classes have been cancelled at MSU, MUW and UM today due to the developing weather situation. Please refer to university Web sites for more specific information. Questions for IHL can be sent to

MS Dept. of Public Safety: MDPS has an 800 number the public can call to get updated with the latest road and weather conditions for their area. That number is 800-843-5352.  Mississippians can also go to, look under road conditions to find district by district information.

MS Attorney General:  “Consumer Tips for Storm Victims” guide can be found at .  Many of these tips are applicable in winter/ice storms.  Consumers with concerns or any fraud related complaints can call the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-281-4418.

MS State Fire Marshal: Fire safety information and tips are available in the special Holiday and Heating Fire Safety Web page on

MS Department of Human Services: Marshall County DHS office is closed.  Currently all other county offices are open. Closings, if necessary, will be announced through MS Public Broadcasting and other local media sources as available.

MS Commission for Volunteer Service: MCVS has made initial preparations to manage a potential volunteer response, including placing two AmeriCorps NCCC Disaster Response Teams on standby and notifying Mississippi Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters to issue a tentative alert to affiliates.MCVS will work with local emergency managers to establish Volunteer Reception Centers as needed.

MS National Guard: The Mississippi National Guard is fully prepared to support state and local authorities with manpower and equipment statewide during and after this winter weather threat.

MS 211:  Hotline can be accessed from any phone around the state by simply dialing 211 just as you would 911 for an emergency.  Our call specialists can connect callers to the help they need–from shelter information to financial assistance with heating bills.

MS Public Broadcasting: Mississippians can stay informed of the latest weather updates, road conditions and shelter information across the state by tuning to Mississippi Public Broadcasting.  Starting today, MPB will increase its weather and emergency information reports.  Follow MPB weather updates on Twitter.

MS Forestry Commission: The Forestry Commission is prepared to provide wildfire protection in the event of any wildfire activity occurring during this period of severely cold weather. Also, the Forestry Commission stands ready to provide assistance to county emergency coordinators in response to damages caused by an ice storm event.

 For more information, contact Jeff Rent or Greg Flynn in MEMA External Affairs at 866-920-MEMA (6362), or visit us online at

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ubsThe Doctors on MASH saved lives and so can you. United Blood Services invites you to give blood at the annual MASH Bash Holiday Blood Drive on December 29, 2009 from 10 am -7 pm at the Temple Theatre ballroom in Meridian.

Come in, dress up like your favorite MASH character and enjoy pizza, coke and MASH movies on the big screen and get a MASH Bash t-shirt. Hourly door prizes will be given away along with a Wii game system and flat screen TV. Also, donors will be entered into a drawing for the “It’s a Wonderful Life, Pass It On” $500 shopping spree.

 Blood is always in short supply during the holiday season. Officials with United Blood Services say the blood drive comes at a critical time when blood supply levels are low region wide.


“People should remember there are patients in our hospitals each day who need blood, platelet or plasma transfusions to restore their health.  They’re depending on volunteer blood donations to help save their lives and United Blood Services could not provide these products without the many donors who step forward each day to help meet these needs,” said Heather Knight, United Blood Services spokesperson. “Illnesses, accidents and diseases don’t take a holiday and neither can blood donations.  We need all eligible donors of all blood types to make time to donate blood, platelets or plasma during this drive!”


United Blood Services is the only provider of blood to hospitals and health centers in East Central Mississippi and West Alabama. Blood donated during this drive will go to help patients in need during the holidays. To make an appointment call (601) 482-2482 or visit us online at

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supervisorsWhen it comes to what went on in the most recent closed meeting of the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors, recollections vary quite a bit.

Read the article by Jennifer Jacob Brown in The Meridian Star here.

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Walk Perdie, Walk

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Matthew Perdie

Matthew Perdie

After meeting Matthew Perdie, I don’t think I’ll ever complain about walking again.

While some of us complain about walking to the mail box every day, this guy says it’s “the best decision I ever made” to literally walk across the country. Despite the blisters — and the blisters of the blisters — and the daily encounters with oncoming traffic, Perdie keeps walking.

Read Fredie Carmichael’s article in The Meridian Star here.

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peaveylogoHartley Peavey’s mission to restore the sound of the historic Hamasa Shrine Temple Theater in his hometown of Meridian, Miss., is more than just a professional challenge. It’s personal.

Joseph Lane Peavey, the Peavey Electronics Corporation founder and CEO’s grandfather, was very active in the Hamasa Shriners—his name is even engraved on the Moorish Revival theater’s cornerstone. Like Hartley, J.L. Peavey was an entrepreneur and an inventor with many patents to his credit. Hartley inherited his collection of hand tools when he passed in 1955, and two years later used those tools to build the first Peavey amplifier. Hartley’s music and sound products company has since earned more than 180 patents around the world for its innovations.

“My grandfather had a big influence on me and my direction in life,” said Peavey. “He helped me understand that everyone has unique talents, and he gave me the guts to pursue mine. While restoring and upgrading the Temple Theater’s sound system is a worthy exercise for us at Peavey Electronics, it also helps preserve something my grandfather really cherished.”

The 1,550-seat Temple Theater originally opened in 1928 as a movie house, but has also served as a staging center for dramatic productions and live-music performances, with artists ranging from Willie Nelson to Wilco appearing on stage. The theater is currently undergoing a full restoration, beginning by returning classic movie screenings to the marquee.

Peavey took on the task of updating the Temple’s 1940s-era projection sound system, which is positioned on stage behind the movie-projection screen in a LCR (Left-Center-Right) configuration, in time for the debut showing of “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

When Peavey engineers brought the five towering enclosures to Peavey HQ for analysis, they discovered that over the years the enclosures had weakened and required regluing and additional bracing on the enclosure walls. They eventually rebuilt the antiquated sound system with premium, modern Peavey components.

“These old projection speaker cabinets were built so large because amplifiers could only put out about 25 watts in those days,” Peavey said. “The cabinets are designed to maximize the sound and utilize fully what little bit of output power those amps could muster.”

Peavey engineers replaced the old paper voice-coil subwoofers in the two huge folded-horn enclosures with a pair of Peavey 15″ Low Rider® loudspeakers, each rated at 800 watts continuous power handling, with 4″ voice coils and Kevlar® impregnated speaker cones that provide high performance and durability. These speakers are powered with 4,000 watts from three Crest Audio® power amplifiers.

Three of the five enclosures are designed to reproduce mid and high frequencies. For the mid-frequency portion, the engineers employed a pair of 15″ Black Widow® loudspeakers, while three MF1-X™ horns mounted to the tops transmit the high frequencies through Peavey’s RX™ 22 titanium compression drivers. The horns are coated in Hammertex™, a highly durable coating, and designed for wider dispersion and more thorough coverage than their predecessors.

“We wanted to preserve the classic movie-going experience that so many us remember from our childhood,” explained Peavey. “Professional audio has come an enormous way since those days. We were able to greatly improve the sound quality, efficiency and performance using Peavey components both designed and made here in Meridian.”

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