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Dad Show: Stung Like a Bee (the death of my best friend)


Bill and Tim

I heard the last words I would ever hear from Tim Gray when he jumped out of the passenger side of my Ford Truck last Summer, a jump that was a seamless, quick, effortless motion he had maneuvered many times before, so many times that he made it seem like magic. He then said, ‘Buddy, be careful….I love ya.’ I have agonized over those few words since I got the call from Scott, his oldest brother, telling me Tim, my life long friend, that friend closer than a brother, forty-five-years-old, had died earlier that day.

To say I grew up with Tim and and his brothers is to grossly understate….. continue…

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Hello Classmate. Its been a while Bill. I was saddened to hear about Tim. You and his family are in my prayers.

Tracy Dove- Class of 1985 MHS

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